What is SnapAdvice?

SnapAdvice is a social+business platform where users can pay for expert advice and personal coaching via 1-on-1 video sessions. Our expert advisors include some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs and thought leaders out there, including New York Times best selling authors, Grammy and Emmy Award winners, TED Talks speakers, consultants that work with the world's biggest brands, and more. The mobile app handles discovery (based on subject areas and industry categories), scheduling, payment, and video calls - all in one turnkey solution that makes it easy and safe for both parties.


Do you have an Android version?

Not yet, but it is on the roadmap for sure! To let our developers know that you want SnapAdvice on your Android device, and to be notified when launch is imminent, please go HERE and get on the waiting list!


Will users have to pay real money to book time with Advisors, even during the early Beta phase?

Yes. Our partner Advisors are truly accomplished and are in very high demand in their respective industries. We want them to be compensated for their time and willingness to invest in others, but we also want our Users (those asking for Advice) to take this seriously and ask questions that will truly help them in their careers and lives, and not questions like “Does this shirt make me look chubby?”


How do Advisors get paid?

Currently, users request 1-on-1 sessions with Advisors and can propose any price between $10 and $100 (in $10 increments). We are working with our early partner Advisors to figure out what the best pricing model is, for their time and expertise.


Can Advisors do coaching sessions for free?

This feature is currently in development. We would like to give Advisors a way to "gift" users with credits to make certain video sessions free, at their discretion.


How does one become approved to be an Advisor in order to get paid to coach others?

Currently we are working with a very exclusive list of partner Advisors, so that we can stay in close communication with them in order to learn about what is working well and what is not. We want to make the best SnapAdvice possible, so we are relying heavily on feedback from our partner Advisors and their clientele. We will be expanding to include more Advisors very soon. Stay tuned!


Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at