Choosing Your Next Project

One of the most important things you can do as an entrepreneur is to pick the right clients.  There is nothing more draining then to be working on a project that you’re not passionate about. I see so many entrepreneurs taking on every client they get only to find themselves burned out and burning bridges along the way. It’s time to  get ruthlessly honest about who and what you work on next.

You need to know the criteria for your next project.

While your business maybe different than mine, are critera of choosing our next project is pretty similar.  We can break down our PERFECT PROJECT into 3 categories


THE PERFECT PROJECT should consist of:


Your perfect project should be able to pay the bills for you and then some. It’s always nice to get a job that earns you tons of cash for your work.


Your perfect means that you love what you’re doing. You get work along side people that you want to work along side and you even have a little pep in your step when you turn on that computer and start the work.


Your perfect project means you don’t lose your soul. You’re not losing credibility when you take this job, you’re not embarrassed to put your name along side it. You don’t feel like a sell out and you actually feel like this could be your life calling.

While all of that sounds great, most of us realize that those perfect projects are far and few between. Not every project will give you a lot of cash, or be something that you love to do, or breathe life into your soul.

That’s why you have to pick 2 of these categories.

When you choose your next project, run it through the diagram below:

When you say YES all the time, you’re not giving your best to clients.  When you start to feel resentful, annoyed, under-appreciated, or under-paid you are not giving your best to your clients. It’s time to be picky with your next project.

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