3 Quick Thoughts To Grow Your Business

Growing your business is always a trial and error event. Constantly tweaking the model until finally, something clicks between you and your audience. Here is a couple of quick ways to grow your business:

1. Don’t be afraid to re-evaluate

If your business isn’t working like you think it ought to. Change it. Don’t get hung up on the thought of having to change. People aren’t interested in companies that are there to compete with each other. People want great products that make an impact on their lives. Your business needs to stand out. On an episode of Shark Tank, entrepreneur Mark Cuban made a statement that speaks to just this point.

“I ask myself, ‘If I was going to kick my own ass, what would I do'”

So, what would you do?

2. If it doesn’t work, shoot it.

If you’re not getting good results, kill it and move on. I know that’s blunt, but if the process is broken, it’s broken. Don’t waste your time trying to mend an open wound.

3. Repackage

Take a look at what you’re offering. How can you take your business and offer it as a new and exciting way? Just because you meant to do one thing doesn’t mean you can’t repurpose.

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